What is this page about?

to simply put it, this page is dedicated to songs we like. there really isnt much else to say here lol.

heres a good spot to put some of my favorite artists down, so:

  • tanger
  • usedcvnt
  • sewerslvt
  • camellia
  • Frizk
  • six impala
  • cute girls doing cute things
  • and more!

    I randomly found this song while working on this website with fluffo! its pure ear candy.

    - steve

    10:38 am, 2/17/24


    Tanger is an amazing artist who primarily focuses on fast paced, high octane electronic music that sounds absolutely AMAZING! he has a style of making music where you can almost tell if a song is made by him or not after listening to him for a while, which I find really awesome. he even made an appearence in beat saber ost V which is a HUGE acheivment! tanger is criminally underated, so please check him out when you can!

  • tanger's youtube
  • here are some of my personal favorites that tanger has made:

    - steve

    11:36 am, 2/18/24


    what is breakcore?

    "Breakcore is a style and microgenre of electronic dance music that emerged from jungle, hardcore, and drum and bass in the mid-to-late 1990s.[3][4] It is characterized by very complex and intricate breakbeats and a wide palette of sampling sources played at high tempos." - some dude on wikipedia

    I personally LOVE breakcore, and fluffo says "it alright". I havent listened to any older breakcore, mostly newer stuff, but if you like jungle and hardcore music (like the article said above) you should probably check it out!

    here are some artists you should check out:

  • usedcvnt
  • sewerslvt
  • machine girl